Primary collection

The Primary collection is a set of limited edition fine art prints created in 2012. They are a unique series of artworks from myself and Billy Darlington (poet) that are an evocation of male beauty and longing.

Billy likens the poetry used in the images to "fragments of memory" – a sense of reflection that fits perfectly with the other currents of reduction and refraction that flow through the series.

As the photographer I was very interested in the idea of reducing the colour palette to greys, reds and blues. I wanted to make the work primal and bold. The primary colours strengthen the composition and then drizzle into a greyscale world of ambiguity.

The male model is often placed on top of an archival backdrop that has been refracted in a way to convey both a sense of proximity and distance from the contemporary.

The archival [public domain] images are drawn from the Library of Congress collections and date from the early part of the 20th Century.

I was intrigued with the idea of people being able to transcend their time and place. The archival blends with the contemporary background in a way to suggest that if we as viewers look at things from a slightly different angle we will see the shadows of the past.

Each image in this collection is limited to 20 fine art prints measuring 12x18" (30x45cm). They are individually numbered and signed.

Archival images drawn from the Library of Congress collections:

  • Surf at Kitty Hawk [1900], Wilbur and Orville Wright, LC-W851-83 [P&P]
  • 4th Ave, NYC [ca 1910], Bain News Service, LC-B2-2531-7 [P&P]